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Terry grew up in Alaska and spent most of his life there. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1971-1973 and is a Viet Nam veteran. In February, 1979, he gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ and enrolled at Alaska Bible College.


Cynthia grew up in Mt. Vernon, Washington. A committed Christian from childhood, she went to Alaska in the summer of 1980 as a missionary nurse with SEND International / Central Alaskan Missions. There, she met Terry at the Bible College.


We were married in 1981. Our daughter, Melinda, was born in 1982. Upon graduation in 1983, we accepted the pastorate in the frontier community of Eagle, Alaska. Our son, Ben, was born in 1984. In 1988, we moved to Oregon where Terry attended Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland. Cynthia worked as an RN. While there, we pastored Dodge Community Church near Estacada. Upon graduation in 1992, God moved us back to Alaska to pastor Faith Chapel in Tok. After almost nine years of fruitful ministry, in 2001 we joined American Missionary Fellowship and moved to White City, Oregon.

About InFaith, an American Mission

InFaith (formerly American Missionary Fellowship) is America’s oldest non-denominational home mission organization, tracing its roots to Philadelphia in 1790. Even before the Civil War, the mission had early ministries with minorities, including Indians, Chinese and Blacks. As the pioneers worked their way westward, so did the ASSU.



Today, InFaith has missionaries ministering in inner cities and rural churches, in jail and prison ministries, food kitchens, camps, Bible clubs, Vacation Bible Schools, nursing homes, and in cross-cultural ministries to Hispanics, Hmong, Russians, Buddhists, Romanians and Indians. Together, we are committed to evangelizing, discipling, and congregating the unreached people of America.


In 1974, the Union changed its name to the American Missionary Fellowship. In 2011 the name changed once again, to InFaith

Our two children are both married. Our daughter, Melinda, her husband, Roy, and their three sons, Joshua, Emmanuel and Elijah, live in Sanford, NC. Our Son Ben and his wife, Allison live in Central Point, OR. All four have served with the U.S. Army in Iraq and are serving the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re proud of them!

We serve as area missionaries with InFaith in Southern Oregon.

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