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Our Ministry

One of my primary ministries is to the InFaith churches and pastors on my field. At present, I am responsible for eight churches and one Sunday school. I am available to help the churches in any way I can. My ministry to pastors often includes visiting, listening, counseling, conflict mediation, encouraging and providing ministry resources.

In addition to our church ministry, I also minister as vice president of Fir Point Bible Conference. Fir Point encompasses 240 acres near Glendale, Oregon, north of Grants Pass. Most of the year the Conference grounds are rented to various church groups. During the month of July we run our own program, consisting of five camps: high school, junior high, 5th and 6th grade, family camp, and 3rd and 4th grade. We also host high school and junior high retreats in the fall and spring, and a winter couples' retreat.

As vice president, I serve year-round on the camp governing board. I also serve on the personnel committee, which oversees the permanent, on-site camp staff.


In line with my camp duties, I also have the special privilege of administering the Wecks Family Foundation Camper Assistance Program. Because of the foundation’s incredible generosity, a great many young people have been able to attend camp and hear the good news of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.

God has truly blessed Cynthia and me in our ministry with InFaith. I serve as Area Missionary and Area Coordinator for southern Douglas, Josephine, Jackson and southern Klamath counties.

I am, in some respects, a circuit-riding preacher, visiting an average of 25 different churches per year--many, but not all of them, in fellowship with InFaith. A part of my speaking ministry that has personally been a blessing to me is the presentation of my message on the History of our Bible—a synopsis of which you can read right here on our website. I’ve had numerous opportunities to share this important message in churches, youth groups, camps, conferences, classes and special events.


Besides taking care of things on the home front, Cynthia visits with me and counsels and encourages other women. She often sings in the churches we visit.

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Area Missionary

Fir Point Bible Conference and Camp

Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission

Twice each month, on Wednesday mornings, I meet with a small group of either men or women (alternating) to teach the doctrine of sin. It's part of a weekly program for the long-term residents. Each Monday, an instructor starts off with a new group with the doctrine of God. On Tuesday, another man teaches on the doctrine of man. Following me, on Thursday, a fourth instructor guides the students through the Gospel, and on Friday, a fifth individual completes the course with a question and answer wrap-up. Some of the students know a great deal already, while most know little or nothing at all. It's a small class, but a serious opportunity to impart eternal truths to a very select, needy people.