The Old Testament Continued

Now, back in the really, really old days, they didn’t have paper like we know it today. Some of the earliest manuscripts were written on Papyrus. Papyrus is a thin paper-like material made from crushed and flattened stalks of the papyrus reed, which grows along the Nile River in Egypt (papyrus business doc). Later, God’s Word was written on scrolls made of animal skin, usually sheep, but sometimes deer or cow. The entire Pentateuch, written on a scroll, if completely unraveled, is over 150 feet long! As most sheep are only about two to three feet long, it took an entire flock of sheep to make just one Torah scroll! In time, paper was developed.

1275 Friars Bible b

The book of 2 Esdras from a Friar's Bible on Vellum, ca. 1275 A.D.

The Apocrypha

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